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Special Collaboration

Online Italian Cooking Classes with Parma Incoming

Live from Parma, Italy, UNESCO's Creative City of Gastronomy

We are partnering with Parma Incoming, the longest established tour operator in Parma, to bring a series of live, online cooking experiences from Parma. 



"It was so good! We loved it. The whole family got involved. We are signed up for all the classes."

Amy Yu - Toronto, Canada

"I thought Quyen and Ilaria were superb! From the emails with the joining instructions and what to buy, then taking us all through the process and also the background and reasoning to the ravioli and its contents. I just so enjoyed it and I am really looking forward to the next one.

They both are so good, have perfect personalities for this kind of thing (plus the obvious love and passion for food) and I really hope this goes from strength to strength for them both."

Janet Moss - Glasgow, Scotland

I participated in the gnocchi course and it was a great experience! The hosts were organized and sent me a list of ingredients in advance. They were also knowledgeable and accommodating of my gluten-free diet, and the recipe was delicious. I enjoyed learning how to cook gnocchi as the Italians do. Overally a professional, informative, and fun experience! 

Vivien Cheng - New York, USA

"Today, hubby and I did a marvellous cooking class virtually hosted by Living Intalianly started by one of my favourite foodies Quyen and Iliara. We had a fun afternoon in the kitchen creating gnocchi with tomato sauce. I have a newfound respect for Italian mamas and papas or chefs who make Gnocchi. It is an art to make and mould these by hand, and certainly a labour of love. Can't wait for the next session on fresh pasta and ravioli... I even have a patterned rolling pin ready to go!"

Marisa Keller - London, England