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We are on a journey to become more sustainable. We want to reduce our footprint and make sure our impact on the planet is as minimal as possible, but have in the process.

Cooking Class



Educating people on how they can make a difference when it comes to sustainability is the first step. In a fun atmosphere, we want to show people some simple things they can do to be more sustainable.


Local and Seasonal

Using local ingredients means that we are getting fresh products that haven't travelled far. Using seasonal means ingredients are being used at their best, and not putting a strain on the environment.

Image by Thomas Le
Food Waste Compost


Food Waste

We try to use all the ingredients without wasting, and ensure that leftovers are eaten or shared.  Anything that cannot is discarded in proper waste bins.


Plastic Free

We do our best to minimise any use of plastic in general, as it can take many years to biodegrade.

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